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About Us

  New Khalsa Bakery is the most promising and oldest bakery in the town with more than 35 years of experience. It was established by Sardar Anmol Singh and later continued by Sardar Harminder Singh. The legacy of our bakery is yet on. From Sardar Harminder Singh the bakery was carried over by his son Sardar Damandeep Singh and Harji Singh. 
  We have years of experience in this work. Our bakery being the best, acquired popularity in the town because of its scrumptious and refreshed taste. Customer satisfaction is our main motive. We offer customized cake, all bakery and confectionary items, snacks, and gifts. 
  The new Khalsa Bakery is known for its best flavors. Every item is cooked with nuanced sweetness and tenderness. We add value to money by focusing on both quantity and quality, Our primary motive is quality baking for the sake of a fine customer experience.