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The best bakers in kapurthala

At New Khalsa Bakery, we create some unforgettable memories to provide value to your celebrations. We desire to deliver you the best and most loved items that will surely impress you.


For us, baking is not just a business but a passion. We deliver cakes to your doorstep, cooked with all the love and subtly flavoured ingredients.


The best bakers in Kapurthala, we guarantee you of having an amazing e

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Unknown facts about Butterscotch

Today, we've come up with some interesting facts about Butterscotch.


Butterscotch is termed a confectionary. Be it a cake or ice cream, butterscotch enhances the taste of every dessert. It is amazingly tasty, people from every age group love to have butterscotch flavoured items.


  1. Corn syrup, cream, vanilla and salt are some of the ingredients of the butterscotch recipe but, Sugar and Butter a

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How to make sponge cake at home

Cakes are known for putting smiles on everyone's face. Birthdays and anniversaries are incomplete without a cake-cutting ceremony.


We at the new Khalsa bakery, prepare the best quality products. If you are a sweet tooth then, Our bakery is the right choice for you to be made.


Talking about cakes, a question arises, can we make a cake at home? The answer is yes, you can. With this blog, We are shari

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