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The best bakers in kapurthala

The best bakers in kapurthala

At New Khalsa Bakery, we create some unforgettable memories to provide value to your celebrations. We desire to deliver you the best and most loved items that will surely impress you.


For us, baking is not just a business but a passion. We deliver cakes to your doorstep, cooked with all the love and subtly flavoured ingredients.


The best bakers in Kapurthala, we guarantee you of having an amazing experience with us. Our bakers take care of your health, taste and purity, Offering you the savour of our affection and care.


There's a reason for us being the most pleasing in the town with more than 35 years of experience. For us, cooking is not just for the sake of capital. So, we craft it with blended impulse, tenderness, and devotion.



Being a one-stop shop, We offer all the bakery products, confectionery entities, and snacks.

Our kitchen has a positive aura. Workers working with us are experts in their respective duties.


Here at New Khalsa Bakery, every day fresh bread is baked to provide you with a refreshment on the first bite. Our baked cakes melt within the mouth and give you a delectable taste.

We are exactly what you are looking for, Our blogs will keep you up to date about what's going inside the kitchen of The New Khalsa Bakery.


Be it a birthday celebration or a wedding, We make the best cakes in the town. Our products are fresh, healthy and delectable. Our bakers have their hands on all kinds of flavours and icings.

Order from us once, we ensure to never disappoint you and promise to equip you with the best bakery services.


Our prior motive is to please our customers. Your feedback counts to us and drives us further in providing more enthusiastic services. A word of mouth in our appreciation is enough for us. We value your time and money and consequently provide you with eminent quality outcomes.